• thumbnails   THE DJA FAUNA RESERVE  It is one of the largest and best protected wetland forests in Africa, with 90% of its area remaining untouched. Practically surrounded by the river Dja, which forms the natural boundary, the reserve is especially remarkable for its biodiversity and for the very wide variety of primates that live there. It is home to 107 species of mammals, five of which are endangered.
  • thumbnailsTHE SULTANATE OF BAMOUNThe Bamoun palace is a traditional cubic mansion with a roof whose sections are connected to each other. Enriched by the variety of materials of plant origin, wood carving is widely used in buildings. The Sultanate Bamoun located in the commercial center of the city of Foumban is the work of Sultan Njoya who in 1917 was inspired by the palace of the German governor in Buea. He was assisted in his work by the princes of the neighboring villages. The restoration work on the palace was financed by UNESCO; It has become one of the largest museums in the world is classified as world heritage. It is reached by road from Bafoussam (72 km) and by air from Koutaba airport (15 km).
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