It is one of the largest and best protected wetland forests in Africa, with 90% of its area remaining untouched. Practically surrounded by the river Dja, which forms the natural boundary, the reserve is especially remarkable for its biodiversity and for the very wide variety of primates that live there. It is home to 107 species of mammals, five of which are endangered.





     Lobé is a coastal river that originates in the Ntem massifin the center of the Campo Ma'an National Park. The Lobé falls are located 310 km from Yaoundé taking the road Yaounde Edéa Kribi Campo. The Lobé is characterized by a set of small arms which progress in a series of small waterfalls over a distance of 1 km before jumping directly into the ocean in several falls of which the highest measure is nearly 15 m. These falls are located 8 km south of Kribi in the direction of Campo. It is a phenomenon unique in the world to see a line of waterfalls that stretches for nearly 100 m wide and tumbles into the Atlantic Ocean.

      The Lobé crosses several communities that live in close relation with water, whether it is the river or the sea. As a result, upstream there are the Bulus and the Pygmies, downstream the Mabis, At the level of the bridge on the Lobé, and finally the Batangas which are at the mouth and on the coast.

   The Lobé falls represent a strong symbol of belief for these peoples and are generally associated with the various natural and cultural rituals that these coastal peoples count. For example, the pygmies, plunge the sick into the water of the falls during the purification ceremonies. Similarly, the Lobe falls is an important step in the ritual of enthronement of the Chief of Batangas. He stays there for a period of time and thus receives the blessings of spirits and ancestors.

     Also noteworthy is the phenomenon of "jingou" or "Mami Water" or "husband / woman-spirit of water". It is a mystical representation of the power of the spirits of water that for many centuries was an integral part of the life of every native of this coastal zone.

     In terms of underwater fauna, in the waters of the lobé and only in its tributaries, there is a specific breed of crayfish, both in appearance and the site of the lobé falls in many respects. Outstanding universal value.

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