A Look Back At the Maiden Edition

Ahead of the official launching of the African Originality (AFRIC’OR) Festival in November 2013, Dr. Annie Smith, founder of Afric’Or a press conference at Serena Hotel, Douala, to give the media and the partners of the festival a clear picture of the concept behind the AFRIC’OR. Present for the press briefing were journalists from different T.V. and Radio stations including STV, DBS, newspaper reporters from Le Messager, Cameroon Tribune, La Nouvelle Expression and some artists.

Joining Dr. Annie Smith on a panel of speakers were Mr. Ndjehoya Blaise, a Cameroonian writer, historian and anthropologist in religion and arts; Mr. Dou Kaya, Egyptologist, musicologist, Afro-jazz musician and founder of Rue du Nois in Paris; and the AFRIC’OR sponsorship manager Mr. Emmanuel Bewekedi. An overview of the concept was presented; the experts gave their insight into the significance of the African sound and colours, which happened to be the first ever theme borne by the festival. 

The edition focused its attention on exploring and showcasing the sounds and colour of Africa. It gathered the very best of local and international, famous and rising artists who displayed how their art embodied and valorise the African culture. The festival was characterised by an exposition at the Galerie Mam, Bonanjo, Douala with the participating artists displaying their works of arts and explaining the significance. 

November 22nd 2013 marked the final day for the event. The day was set aside for the award of certificates of participation, honouring the different artists who came together for the realisation of the event. This was done during the closing gala at Star Land Hotel in Bonapriso, Douala. Participating in this ceremony were the Nigerian Consul General to Cameroon, the representative of the Minister of Arts and Culture, amongst other government officials and representatives of enterprises and well-wishers.


Afric’Or 2013 Special Appearance

The first edition of Afric’Or was honoured with the presence of Dr. Lorenzo Pace, a Professor of Art at the University of Texas Pan American, Edinburg, Texas, with close to 33 years of experience in different universities across the United States. Dr. Lorenzo thrilled the guests with an installation which he commented was symbolic of the killing of the last king in Cameroon, Douala Manga Bell, which he says resonates with the killing of Martin Luther King in the United States.

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